2016 saw Doro release a triple DVD set celebrating three decades in the industry (which is weird as Warlock started in 1982 and released their debut album in 1984, but I am sure there must be a reason). Doro Pesch says “We spent endless hours, days and nights working on the DVD, because we wanted to present a real highlight for all rock and metal fans for the 30th anniversary. We took care of every detail. It began already with the bombastic stage in Wacken, we worked one year on its design. In Dusseldorf, we even celebrated two nights in a row. One “Classic Night” with a 40-piece orchestra and one “balls to the wall” rock show on the second evening. It continued subsequently nonstop – with an anniversary tour, with led us to Russia, South America and my second home, the USA, among others.”

What is interesting in some ways is that she also included some cover versions, and then also brought in singers to assist. So we have Blaze Bayley duetting on “Fear of the Dark”, and Udo snarling his way through the classic “Balls To The Wall”. Say what you like about Doro, she has been the queen of German metal for a long time now, and she had the crowds in the palm of her hand. They are singing with her, chanting, and when she kicks off “Raise Your Fist” the place explodes. She still has all the power, her band are allowed to turn up to 11, and although they are a mighty force she is always in control. This is her band, her music, and here she is definitely very much in her environment. I still have the boxed set she released in 2003, and although her studio albums may not always capture the fire and passion, when she is on stage she royalty, and knows it. Superb.

Rating: 8/10


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