There are only four songs on this EP, with a total playing time of sixteen minutes, but there is enough here to demonstrate that this band from Brighton, Ontario, have a great going for them. They can be gentle and melodic when they wish to be, channelling the likes of Alter Bridge, where singer/guitarist Kyle Collins has the ability to shine with loads of space and gentle accompaniment (for the most part, anyway), but there are others such as “Apex Predator” where they really hit hard. Stone Sour have to be an influence for these guys, but Killswitch Engage are also making their presence felt, plus Avenged Sevenfold.

It is interesting to notice that as well as Kyle there are two other guitarists, so although there is some restraint in the studio I can imagine that these guys kick up quite a storm on stage. They are mixing multiple styles of metal together, along with some elements that would normally be thought of as being more progressive, to create an EP that is certainly whetting my appetite for a full album. It is certainly worth a listen, and is currently available to download for just $3 CAD.

Rating: 7/10


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