There is no doubt that British melodic metalcore act Shvpes have been building a reputation for themselves over the last few years, and now they are finally back with their second album. They move between multiple genres, so can be Muse one second, almost Pantera like the second, bringing in Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit on the way, mixing and breaking it all up. Griffin Dickenson is making a name for himself in his own right as a singer as opposed to just being the son of one of the most famous men in the business, but at the end of all there is just too much polish being spread around, and I find myself choking on the chemical smell.

There is no doubt it is clever, and no doubt that the band are all very good at what they do, but in many ways, it just feels way too commercial and aimed as opposed to being something raw and primal. I want my metal to contain plenty of sweat and aggression, not sound as if it has been created in a laboratory and honed so any original sense of impulse and dynamism has been hidden under multiple layers of beeswax. Lots of people will say this an amazing album and a fine example of the genre. I’m not going to disagree with any of that, but I just don’t like it.

Rating: 5/10


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