I really don’t know how to read these guys. Are they serious or is it is just one almighty pisstake which has now been going on for well over a decade? Personally, I think it’s the latter, and having been onto their website and discovered their logo may seem threatening at one point until you realise it is comprised of plastic blow up toys, I am pretty sure I am correct. But whatever you think of them, the Norwegian nutters are back with yet another album, their eighth! This time around they have apparently released a concept based on various Norwegian myths and legends. Each track tells the story of a different ancient tale from the band’s home country. For example, opener “Fjøsnissens Fjaseri” deals with a troll who, depending on how you treat him around Christmas, either lovingly takes care of your farm animals or simply razes them to the ground, and includes a guest appearance from BORKNAGAR/ex-DIMMU BORGIR singer ICS Vortex.

Even the press release is on the joke, saying that the album “grabs the listener by the neck and push them through 10 more anthems dealing with the devil, undead sailors and the obvious explanation why you just shouldn’t feed any alcohol to your goats.” Look, it’s Trollfest. If you are a fan of this drunken style of folk metal then you will love it, and if you’re not then you won’t. Unless you also drink serious amounts of alcohol.

Rating: 6/10


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