Vanquisher is the new album from The Bob Lazar Story – released by Bad Elephant Music on 9th August 2019.

Following 2017’s critically acclaimed Baritonia, Matt Deacon and Chris Jago once again join forces to create another collection of songs without words to make your brain dance.

Matt describes Vanquisher as “containing some of our most densely packed arrangements so far, yet is contrasted with sparser acoustic moments, creating a balance that could never be described as ‘too orangey’”.

The irrepressible Foodstool’s adventures will be further chronicled on this new album, much to the delight of all fans of conceptual continuity.

Track list:

1. Pongville
2. Eleven
3. Eyes Only/Vanquisher
4. Section 8
5. Project Top Secret
6. Arps
7. Ambient Pedals
8. Randoloftentimes
9. Is This Foodstool?
10. Tony!!
11. Restroom
12. Goodbye Victor Tripaldi
13. Hooves & Broken Biscuits
14. Two For The Rest
15. Operation Full Klinger
15. Elvensnip

Matt Deacon – guitar, mouse, vocals
Chris Jago – drums, percussion and screams
Mike Fudakowski – bass
Jacob Petrossian – guitars
Zeke Deacon – vocals


The Bob Lazar Story is the musical brainchild of Matt Deacon. Matt was born and raised in Liverpool, UK. He happened across an acoustic guitar in 1982 and played the shit out of it until he became perfectly mediocre. After playing lead guitar for seminal Liverpool band Cosmic Donut, Matt attended Community College from 1993-1996 where he studied Music Theory and Karate.

In 1998, after growing disillusioned with the karate scene in the UK, he travelled to New Zealand, where he now resides. Matt taught guitar for several years before giving it up to become, frankly, one of the best posties in the southern hemisphere. As music technology became more affordable, Matt started recording tunes, culminating in his first eponymous release in 2004. 2012’s Space Roots, saw the arrival of US-based drummer Chris Jago, and the advent of a more cohesive sound.

Signing to Bad Elephant Music in 2017 for the release of the highly acclaimed Baritonia, described by Prog magazine as an album where “the free-wheeling confidence of the execution carries the day”, The Bob Lazar Story found their spiritual home.

2019’s Vanquisher displays the recognisable musical tics of The Bob Lazar Story yet continues the sonic evolution evident across all of their releases. Clunky and accessible, all at the same time. A bit like your mum.

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