Re-emerging from the primordial soup of modern music, Moron Police return with “A Boat on the Sea” on August 16th 2019, in the hopes of offering something different to those who would listen.

Having formed in 2008, their career has seen many strange twists along the path to its release. They’ve played live with a full-piece orchestra, had one of their songs performed across the US by the award-winning Los Alamitos Show Choir, performed across Scandinavia and at various popular festivals (Hove, Norway Rock Festival, by:Larm), even on a small island with a lighthouse, trapped in the maw of the ocean.

“A Boat on the Sea” is many things. Catchy and adventurous, but with an underlying current of Scandinavian melancholy—as perfectly captured by returning cover artist DULK. It has huge choruses, rampant guitar play, inventive synths, a plethora of time-signature changes—all the workings of an album of excess, yet it comes together to form a cohesive whole.

Perhaps its most defining feature is that it sounds like Moron Police and no-one else, and no manner of superlative spluttering could really hope to capture its spirit. The best way to describe it would be to hear it.


1. Hocus Pocus
2. The Phantom Below
3. The Invisible King
4. Beware the Blue Skies
5. The Dog Song
6. Captain Awkward
7. The Undersea
8. Isn’t It Easy

Sondre Skollevoll – Vocals, guitars, additional keyboards
Lars Bjørknes – Keyboards, grand piano, Hammond organ
Thore Omland Pettersen – Drums
Christian Fredrik Steen – Bass


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