White Knight Records will release “Natural Satellite”, the latest album by Welsh band 25 Yard Screamer, on August 8th 2019.

“Natural Satellite is an album that has had a varied and unexpected journey” says Bassist Matt Clarke. “Moments of improvisation and one take performances have been blended with carefully considered arrangements and playing. We wanted to produce an album that felt fresh to ourselves and listeners but also keep the elements that we love to have in our music… Melody, beauty, aggression and a little bit of fun with time”.

25 Yard Screamer have released a promo video for ‘The Storyteller’. It is the opening track of ‘Natural Satellite’, and features a guest performance from Rob Reed on keyboards. The video can be seen at https://youtu.be/nzmYVifS5hE

“He was so positive about the song and delighted that he could guest on it for us. We love what he brought to the track” says Matt Clarke.


1. The Storyteller
2. Devastate
3. The Silent Rising
4. A Space Where Someone Should Be
5. Where We Are
6. Never The Detail
7. Coda Jeremiah

The album can be ordered at http://www.whiteknightshop2.co.uk


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