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The History Elephants of Scotland were formed in 2010 in Burlington, Vermont when Adam Rabin conceived of the idea to start an original progressive rock project that would be decidedly unpopular and non-commercial. The seed was planted while Adam, Ornan McLean and John “Lefty” Whyte were playing together in an 80′s New Wave cover band but it took a couple of years to write, rehearse and record the music and find the right bassist Dan MacDonald to complete our sound. Adam intentionally set out to write old school progressive rock songs with a modern edge because we wanted to play the kind of music we grew up loving from bands like like Yes, Genesis, Rush, Brand X, Marillion, Kansas, Tull, Styx, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, etc. We had no idea that there was an international underground progressive rock movement out there until we released our debut album Home Away From Home in early 2013. Through the internet, we have gained fans from all over the world, received many positive reviews, and sold CD’s and t-shirts in Europe, Asia, South America, the UK, Iran, India and Russia. We just released our second album in March 2014 and we have been invited to […]

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Olav 2014-04-20 07:59
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UK quartet PIPE is an entity that was and is totally unknown to me. To my knowledge they have rel
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Irish band THE DANDY HORSES was formed in the spring of 2012, with Belfast their base of operatio
The Dandy Horses: The Dandy Horses (2013)
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UK-based quartet GREEN TEA was formed in 2011, a band set up with an aim to become a professional
Green Tea: Live @ Elixir (2011)
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US band THE SEVENTH RING OF SATURN have been around for a few years by now, although so far they
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US band HOUSE OF LORDS have been around for 25 years or so at this point, admittedly with frequen
House of Lords: Precious Metal (2014)
Olav 2014-03-02 13:24
Crystal Jacqueline is a UK solo artist, as well as a member of UK band The Honey Pot. As also sup
 Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot:  Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot (2014)
Olav 2014-03-02 07:42
Swedish duo US AND THEM have been creating music for just about a decade by now, with one full le
Us and Them: By the Time It Gets Dark (2014)
Olav 2014-03-02 05:52
UK band BRONCO BULLFROG have been around for just about two decades by now, although primarily ac
Bronco Bullfrog: Time Waits for Norman (2014)
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UK band SCHNAUSER was formed back in 2005, and have gradually increased their standing as a live
Schnauser: As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still (2014)
Olav 2014-03-02 03:54
US band SCHIZO FUN ADDICT is an entity that keeps a fairly low profile, at least as far as intern
Schizo Fun Addict: Theme From
Olav 2014-02-21 07:01
Italian band L' ALBERO DEL VELENO was formed back in 2010, with members that all share a passion
L' Albero del Veleno: Le Radici del Male (2013)
Olav 2014-02-06 17:52
US based band HEAVEN & EARTH have been around for a good number of years by now, officially f
Heaven & Earth: Dig (2013)
Olav 2014-02-04 16:43
The double credited album "Live at Metalworks", released by Magna Carta Records in 2013, document
Dave Martone / Glen Drover: Live at Metalworks (2013)
Olav 2014-02-02 08:47
Bulgarian band PANTOMMIND was formed back in 1993, and as they are still active as of 2014 they s
Pantommind: Shade of Fate (2005)
Olav 2014-02-01 15:51
French project THE AGE OF INNOCENCE is, or perhaps rather was, a two man venture with one vocalis
The Age of Innocence: 3992 Sophya (2000)
Olav 2014-02-01 13:29
French band SALHEM was formed back in 2000, but apart from that I do not know much about this ent
Salhem: Connexion Animale (2007)
Olav 2014-02-01 08:42
US band ZERO HOUR was formed back in the 1990's, and while it might be the case that they are ina
Zero Hour: A Fragile Mind (2005)
Olav 2014-01-31 17:37
French band DARKNATION was formed back in 2003, and is still an active unit as of 2014, just now
Darknation: Merci Pour le Mal (2006)



Aesthesys is an instrumental outfit based in Moscow, Russia. It was founded as a one-man project back in 2007 by Nik Koniwzski, and has eventually evolved into an ensemble performing post-rock mus
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WEB SITE:http://baerlin.bandcamp.c… LOCATION:Lille, France MEMBERS: Clément Barbier Laurent Macaigne Simon Thomy Jonathan Testart - Cello Guest Epic, orchestral prog-rock wi
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HUMAN FACTOR is a band playing instrumental space-rock with considerable alternative-rock, post-rock and prog-rock influences. The music comprises laconic melodies based on groovy rhythms flavoured
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SPEAK The stunning debut release from I and Thou Featuring Jason Hart (Renaissance), John Galgano (IZZ), Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright), Jack Petruzzelli
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Multinational project CORVUS STONE more or less came to be in the spring of 2012 following a series of chance encounters between musicians on social networks, Facebook first and foremost. With a he
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Let The Minstrel’s Ghost and his knights take you on a journey back in time. This musical retelling of the Arthurian tales begins with stroll down the road to Avalon where we meet Merlin the Mag
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