US trio 3 LEGGED MONSTER have been around for quite some time now apparently, but their existence being one well beneath most people’s radars due to the lack of recorded material by the threesome being available. Come 2013 and this situation might change, as an eight year long process was finalized with the release of their debut album “Airwaive”.

It is always interesting to see what artists any given band state have been influential to them. In the case of 3 Legged Monster, their Facebook page states the following: Dream Theater, Rush, Yes, Devin Townsend, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin. And for a change I feel that this list of bands is fairly representative of their overall sound, albeit with a vital exclusion.

This is a band that does reside in the borderlands between progressive rock and progressive metal. They have an affection for both, and blend details from both styles and most bands referenced in a nice manner. I do believe that Rush is the band given most direct references throughout their CD, gentler passages sporting tight drums and bass interactions with either careful and light toned or compact and elegant guitars supplementing. Elegant guitar soloing Dream Theater style is a recurring details, as are gnarly riffs and occasional majestic guitar and keyboard constructions, as well as a few atmospheric inserts that begs references to Dream Theater’s classic piece Space Dye Vest. Some of the quirkier metal-edged constructions have more of a Devin Townsend feel to them, while flamboyant, jubilant keyboard soloing and vocal harmonies adds a certain presence of Yes to the proceedings. As for the Led Zeppelin influence I’d hazard a guess that this one is directed at the occasional swaggering guitar riff construction with more of a hard rock or heavy metal sound, while the Pink Floyd association primarily comes across in approach I suspect: Atmospheric and smooth overall arrangements.

All of these details and quite a few additional ones have been assembled in compositions that more often than not can be described as fairly complex, at least from a structural point of view. Multiple themes, alterations in pace, style and intensity aplenty, and always in a coherent, logical manner. And mostly shying away from the most common and predictable developments too I might add, this is an album it will take time to get familiar with.

One last detail that merits mentioning in the conclusion is that 3 Legged Monster are fond of using the organ. Very much so too. And with that in mind, the band’s chosen territory of being halfway between progressive rock and metal but perhaps with a slight emphasis on the former, as well as their frequent use of symphonic inspired textures, I end up with a sneaking suspicion that fans of a band like Spock’s Beard should find this band and this album to be of interest. Alongside those who generally tend to like progressive rock and metal both of course, and especially the bands stated as influences by 3 Legged Monster themselves.

My rating: 74/100