US quartet FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN have been around since 2006, with a good number of albums and EPs to their name so far. The EP “Pareto Analysis Volume I” from 2012 was released on US label Silber Records as a part of an experimental series of EPs made under the condition 5 songs in 5 minutes.

It becomes apparent that the five tracks that makes out this five minute long EP is a single composition, and it is just as apparent that the band have opted to shorten it to fit the premises of this production. The sound and scope is similar throughout, but while some sections represents ongoing developments on the songs others fade out with the next section fading in again. Still, the material itself makes this an interesting EP even if the material as such has been adjusted to fit the very precise premises for this EP.

Tight, energetic bass and drums forms a compact, driving foundation for this composition, variation implemented by taking away one or the other at certain points as well as some pace alterations. Compact guitar riffs come and go as well, adding or subtracting impact, while resonating, melodic guitar details are represented by one or two layers. Again depending on the level of intensity at any given time. Hovering just about constantly on top of this are the textured, nervous light toned guitar motif that in subtle variations is the trademark sound of many bands exploring post rock or metal territories.

Pareto Analysis Volume I comes across as a well made effort in the borderlands between post rock and post metal, dark, tight and compact with a suitable amount of lighter toned, resonating and gentle details to keep matters interesting. The obvious doctoring of this composition a slight letdown, but interesting still to see how the band solved the challenge they had taken on here.

My rating: 76/100