US project NIK FURIOUS is a moniker used by artist Nick Marino for some of his musical exploits. “Super Wet” is an EP from 2013, released on US label Silber Records as a part of an experimental series of EPs made under the condition 5 songs in 5 minutes.

Nick Marino’s take on this challenge is one I’d guess many would opt for when presented with such a task: Create a few shorter length pieces, and try to scavenge some time for a track or two that can be somewhat expanded. In this case it is three such shorter constructions lasting for about 30 seconds each: Unsung, a dual layered effects treated and non treated a capella voice set to an enticing rhythm. Hayze, a brief jazz-tinged and groove laden electronic surges and rhythms construction. Silber Funk Pt. 2, a funky bass motif supplemented by steady rhythms and broken down, melodic electronic surges.

Le Fever is the longest track at hand, with a minimalistic light toned electronics motif contrasted by fluctuation darker toned electronic drones set to a steady and simple beat. A construction that is highly engaging and well thought out. Brave is a slightly shorter affair, revolving around a spirited and energetic bass and drums foundation with surging light toned electronic textures on top and brief intermissions without the rhythm based foundation. Again a construction that works very well indeed.

“Super Wet” is an EP that appears to be made with quite a bit of the tongue in cheek factor present, where I guess those with an interest in compelling and fun-filled electronic music might be the ones who should know their visiting time.

My rating: 88/100