US artist Shaun SANDOR is probably best known under his artist alias Promute, but in 2013 he made his debut as a solo artist in a collaboration with his daughter Zlata Sandor when they released the EP “Band on the Moon”, their contribution to US label Silber Records ongoing “5 in 5” conceptual series of EPs.

The 5 minutes of music at hand on this occasion is all about the daughter. Shaun provides the musical backing, from bouncy electronics going to simple pop/rock music on the title track to eerie surging sounds on the following Hiya (The Karate Song), ambient keyboards with brief guitar and drum intermissions on Party Balloons, naive toy like music on Snail and a simple vocals with acoustic guitar supplement on the concluding What Do You Say.

The key details about this EP is that Shaun’s daughter Zlata is a child, just a tad younger than school age is my impression but I may be wrong there. She sings with naive passion on the title track, contributes with repeated energetic shouts on Hiya, tells a story on Party Balloons, gleefully shouts again on snail and sings along with her father in a question and answer form on the concluding track.

So while Shaun Sandor is the creator of everything here, the voice and vocals of a small girl will always take center stage when used extensively as in this case. While the music alone might define a specific audience for this EP, it is Zlata’s charming presence that dictates it: This is an EP that merits a check by anyone that are charmed by how small children can contribute on matters of music, or just of you are generally fond of children. A production that will bring a smile to your face, no matter how gray the world might be.

My rating: 80/100