UK project YELLOW6 is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Jon Attwood. Since he started creating material using this moniker in 1998 he has released, contributed to or otherwise participated on close to 100 productions. “Five” was released by US label Silber Records in 2013, and is a contribution to that labels ongoing “5 in 5” series of EPs.

Unlike many other artists that have contributed to the “5 in 5” series of five minute long EPs on Silber Records in 2013, Yellow6 creates material of a fairly accessible nature. Dampened, careful music with distinct ambient qualities is the name of the game, sometimes with fairly careful dramatic additions that adds a more distinct nerve. From the opening track’s careful use of piano as both rhythm and resonating tone instrument this EP actually develops too. The second track features a plucked acoustic guitar motif with a swirling, dronelike noise placed on top, and on the third track the acoustic guitar reappears, now combined with the piano utilized as a rhythm effect just like on the opening track. The fourth construction features an acoustic guitar used as a rhythm effect, with a noise-oriented electric guitar drone on top and a subtle percussion effect as a subtle supplemental detail. The concluding fifth creation then combines the acoustic guitar used as a rhythm effect with a light toned, textured electric guitar that delivers a fairly typical post rock motif as the dominant effect.

All five compositions comes across as well planned and executed compositions in their own right, and by utilizing familiar instruments and patterns in the final three tracks this EP gets a neat and distinct identity too. As far as my taste in music is concerned this 5 minute long excursion is one well worth a check if you enjoy instrumental music, especially if you have a taste for ambient and post-rock oriented music.

My rating: 84/100