(NOTE: This is a short concert review)

A duo gig with two fantastic bands, HeKz and Lonely Robot. I’ve never seen both bands perform live before (ok, it isn’t unusual for Lonely Robot because this was their first tour of course). I was very curious and looking forward to both bands. I interviewed the lovely blokes from HeKz after their performance (you can listen to the interview here.


Wow! This band is a great live band. Very talented young guys and so much power! Their music is a combination of progressive rock/metal and heavy metal. It’s powerful, accelerating and refreshing. The audience that attended the gig just loved their performance. This band really deserves a bigger crowd because they are awesome.

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Lonely Robot:

I had to miss the first half of their performance because I was interviewing the band HeKz, but what I heard backstage sounded great. When I entered the venue again I was overwhelmed by great music. This is lovely progressive rock but it contains way more variation than Arena for example. John Mitchell is a great entertainer in between songs. He makes jokes about band members or certain experiences he had during the making of the album or this tour. Craig Blundell is an amazing drummer, he plays tight and intense, a great performer.

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Both bands were fantastic to watch. I really hope that they will continue to make wonderful music and will tour a lot!

HeKz are:


Al Beveridge – Guitar
James Messenger – Keyboards
Kirk Brandham – Drums
Matt Young – Bass & Vocals
Tom Smith – Guitar

Setlist HeKz:

Progress & Failure

Disconnect The World



From Obscurity To Eternity

For Our Lives

Don’t Turn Back

A Pound Of Flesh

The Black Hand


Lonely Robot are:

John Mitchell – Guitars & Vocals

Craig Blundell – Drums & Percussion

Lauren Storer – Keyboards

Caroline Campbell – Bass Guitar & Vocals



God vs. Man

The Boy in the Radio

Why Do We Stay?

Lonely Robot

A Godless Sea



Are We Copies?

Humans Being

The Red Balloon


Here Comes the Flood (Peter Gabriel cover, John Mitchell & Lauren Storer only.)

Craig Blundell Solo

Take Me Home (Phil Collins cover)

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All photos by me.