Whose Dream Are You Living is Tim Burness’ seventh album, and not just an album. The energy what Tim Burness puts in his music immediately grabbed my attention. The album contains a lot of different music styles, from progressive rock to pop, from electronic to ambient like moments. I have to admit, I’m not totally convinced by Tim’s vocals. They’re far from bad, but I just miss a certain power in his voice to carry the songs well enough. Somehow it does fit the music just fine.

First track Onwards And Upwards has a fast, catchy drum rhythm and is a good start of the album. Grass Is Greener has a synth wave feel and a solid chorus that wants you to sing along. The guitar solo is powerful, but a bit too short in my opinion, I would love it if it lasted a little bit longer. And Set Your Spirit Free has a catchy drum rhythm just like the first track, and leans a lot towards electronic/synth music. It has a 90s feel. Round And Round is a wonderful piece of music, thanks to the piano and guitar pieces. Almost completely instrumental, and it carries a lot of emotion and devotion. I just love the musical twist in the track The Messenger. It starts with a piano intro and later on more instruments come in, then the musical twist enters surprisingly after a few minutes. Unlike Any Other has a very catchy intro, thanks to the heavy bass sounds. This is also the darkest track on the album. A Space For Our Love To Grow starts very ‘spacy’ indeed. It also sounds very Pink Floyd like. Stop Them is the shortest track on the album, filled with awesome soundscapes. The chorus of What’s Going On In Your Head gives me a very uplifting feeling. The fade out of the song starts way too soon in my opinion, this track deserves to last a little bit longer. Cynical World is a good track to end the album with, and also the longest track. A slow but very enjoyable ballad like song.

I recommend you to listen to this album at least once, and form your own opinion. I know this is not everyone’s taste, but I’m sure there are people out there who can definitely appreciate this album, because I do!

**** Iris Hidding

  1. Onwards And Upwards (3:35)
  2. Grass Is Greener (4:33)
  3. And Set Your Spirit Free (4:38)
  4. Round And Round (4:05)
  5. The Messenger (4:13)
  6. Unlike Any Other (4:09)
  7. A Space For Our Love To Grow (4:43)
  8. Stop Them (2:40)
  9. What’s Going On In Your Head? (3:38)
  10. Cynical World (5:20)


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Yes, that picture below is the album sleeve!