US project SAGAN YOUTH is a fairly new and lesser known venture with one full album and some additional releases to their name. One of these is the 5 track, 5 minute long EP “Chem Set”, which was released by US label Silber Records in 2015 as a part of their ongoing 5×5 experimental series of EPs.

Creating well developed and engaging compositions whose average length is a mere minute isn’t the easiest of tasks, but some pleasantly engaging material may still be developed in such a time frame. In the case of Sagan Youth, I’d say that the opening track here is just that, a dark toned drone and voice effect creation that has a nice intriguing sound, a firm opening and a conclusion as well. An interesting opening to this EP indeed.

The following four cuts shies away from this opening landscape however, and rather presents us with four variations of machine-like rhythms and fluctuating synth textures. Easygoing, perhaps even danceable, but lacking the cohesion and the more developed feel of the opening cut. As far as style goes for this quartet of electronic landscapes I guess Kraftwerk light is an appropriate description.

While perhaps not the most interesting in the 5×5 set of EPs Silber Records have released over the years, those with a fondness for musical landscapes akin to but on the lighter side of Kraftwerk may want to track down this one though.

My rating: 64/100