US band MISSISSIPPI STOMP has been a going entity for some time it would appear, as when they released their debut album “Chickasaw Lodge” back in 2014 it was described as a creation a long time coming. “Shine” is their sophomore album, and was released in the spring of 2017.

One can read a lot into a name, and with Mississippi Stomp we have a name that comes with all the right associations. Words such as country, Americana and southern all comes to mind, and are all among the ingredients this band use and explore in their music. Add in some blues and rock as well, and the main ingredients in this stew are just about covered.

The main impression I get from this band is that country is the foundation on just about all the songs. Perhaps due to the vocals and vocal arrangements, the tempo and the careful floating organ that is a feature on many of the songs, but also due to the choice of melodies and harmonies. Rarely if ever explored in a purebred manner mind you, at minimum with a wee bit of rock flavors added by way of a supporting electric guitar providing darker toned support riffs and textures, mainly dampened and careful ones at that. Flowing guitar solo runs adds something of a Southern rock flavor too, mainly employed with care, but at least on one occasion the southern rock flavors dominates the proceedings throughout. On other occasions the rock aspects are given more of a blues flavor, but as I listen to this album always with a foot and a half inside what I’d describe as country territories.

This is a difficult type of music in which to create something regarded as special and unique. This type of music, or at least music made with some or all of the ingredients here, is a staple of the US in general and the south in particular, and have been and is explored by countless artists inside as well as outside of the US. As such I find Mississippi Stomp to be a competent band of this kind, and they have a few songs that does stand out a bit as well. If you have a general taste for music with a southern feel, and tend to enjoy material that operates within the triangle of country, rock and blues, this is an album that should be taken note of.

My rating: 70/100

Track list:
Train Song // Other Side // One Song // Wrong Side of Town // Break That Chain // Hell Pine Hollar // Zodie // Shine


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