Italian twosome Strepitvsitvs appeared a few years back, and have a handful or so of releases to their name so far. Apparently a side project consisting of the same people as Italian band AsolanMac Project, it would appear that both projects create music that fits within the parameters of minimalist themes and free forms. The album “Ondapensiero. Formapensiero” dates back to 2016, and was released through Belarus netlabel Haze, as well as through from what I understand.

The music we are treated to here comes in the shape of treated field recordings. In this case used to create a 35 minutes long track, where everything revolves around moods and atmospheres.

The field recordings are the variable elements here. Initially we are treated to various sounds backed by a subtle and possibly comic backdrop, settling in after a bit with sounds that sounds like someone is walking on gravel, later alternating back and forth between that and what sounds like someone shoveling gravel. Bird sounds are added in early on, as well, providing a lighter variable tone to the proceedings.

As this creation unfolds, the gravel like sounds fade out, at some point some crackling noises reminding of a fire can be heard, and then the bird sounds and chirps remain until the end.

The backdrop ebb and flow in intensity, and at times in tonality. Mainly a dampened backdrop, we do have some surges and fluctuations in intensity, and occasionally the synthesizers presumably used here will become partially dominant either as surges or as a more constant presence. Always smooth and careful though, as well as cold and airy, with occasional drops into darker tones creating a subtly brooding presence.

At the end of the day this isn’t an album that I found to be all that rewarding, and my main impression is that the core and presumably niche audience for this album will be those who on general principle finds great joy in listening to treated field recordings. In my view, the impact beyond this crowd will be rather limited. Still, for those who enjoy creations of this kind, my impression is that this is a well made specimen of it’s kind.

My rating: 60/100


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