I rarely review singles or EP’s these days, as I just don’t have the time, but I am always a sucker for great vocals and heartfelt performances, so here I am listening to the five-track EP from Belinda Gillett which was released a few months ago. Haunting and atmospheric, these immediately drag you in from the very first note and keep you there until the end. The production has been kept very simple, with just some reverb on the vocals to give them a little more presence, and the impression is that Belinda could be sat in a small room, providing basic accompaniment as all concentration is on her beautiful vocals. It is an EP out of time, as it sounds way more late Sixties than it does present day. There is no rush to the performance, it is laid-back and full of emotion. We are back in a world where a solo singer playing a pub piano creates a world all her own, a million miles away from studio trickery and auto tune.

Apparently, Belinda is currently working on more material and performing in the UK, and it is rare that I wish I was back in that country, but I can imagine one of her gigs would be a pretty amazing thing to behold. Lush, angelic, this is well worth checking out.

Rating: 8/10


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