Driven by the force of the wind ALIANTE are releasing their second album by the title of “SUL CONFINE (On the border)”. It was not easy, given that their first work “FORME LIBERE” was considered one of the best progressive rock records of 2017 (not only in Italy but also abroad), to maintain a high standard of quality and talent. And instead they have done much better: the atmospheres are less impactful but often take on soft and vaporous colors, keeping intact however the taste for melody and for the interlacing sounds. A more reflective and mature record, a sign that “from the inside” you can always find something important to say and express. And in “Sul confine” one perceives as much security as well as the uncertainty of life, the happiness of expression and the sadness of lack, the passage of time and the oblivion of the near and remote past.

A further confirmation of the talent of this Tuscan trio that marked, and will mark, a turning point in the Italian (and world) neo-prog. The album will be released on September 23rd, 2019 on M.P. & RECORDS label, and will be distributed by G.T. MUSIC DISTRIBUTION.

Track list:

1 – Viaggio nel vento
2 – Metzada
3 – Ai confini del mondo
4 – La rana
5 – Il cigno nero
6 – Il quadrato
7 – Tenente Drogo
8 – Nel cielo

ENRICO FILIPPI: keyboards, piano and moog
ALFONSO CAPASSO: electric bass and effects
JACOPO GIUSTI: drums and percussions
MARIANNA VUOCOLO: violin on “Ai confini del mondo”


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