After the excellent results of “Perigeo” and “Complesso K”, the band from Lazio reaffirms its epic space-oriented instrumental neo-prog atmospheres, but this time it surprises us with a couple of the most beautiful and important voices of the Italian progressive scene: Alessandro Corvaglia (“Scivolosa Simmetria” and “Un nodo all’anima”) and Jenny Sorrenti (“Mushin”), to which we add the silken vocality of Jenna “Sharm” Holdway (“Lacrime di stelle”), the sax by David Morucci (“Aletheia” and “Apogeo”) and Claudio Braccio (“Lacrime di stelle”) and the choir Fuori dal Coro (“Aletheia”). Many guests to embellish an album (7 tracks, 5 over 10 minutes) already full of fascinating sounds: modern prog-symphonic atmospheres, at times pulsating and majestic, at times visionary and ethereal (in special harmony with Marco Marini’s graphics), fed by the double keyboards by Emanuele Telli and Dariush Hakim. A talented band, completed by Stefano Avigliana (guitars), Ettore Mazzarini (bass), Massimo Moscatelli (drums), who makes a remarkable contribution to the tradition and regeneration of the actual Italian prog-rock scene.

“Apofenia” was released on October 2nd through Italian label Lizard Records.

Track list:

1. Onironauta
2. Scivolosa Simmetria
3. Alétheia
4. Mushin
5. Apogeo
6. Un Nodo All’anima
7. Lacrime Di Stelle


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