This new opus comes as a follow-up to 7 Movimientos, an instrumental album in which the band narrated a story about liberation of the spirit.In HIPNOTIZADOS, it develops the topic of public opinion manipulation via the mass media, suggesting that people in all societies succumb to the same discourse which aims at generating fear, obedience and mistrust.As HIPNOTIZADOS unwinds, instrumental compositions are interspersed with medleys of real political discourses pronounced by public personalities and with recordings of Tweets written in reaction to those discourses, exalting patriotism, security, religion, consumerism, new technologies or xenophobia.

Track list:

1. Anestesia
2. Amnesia
3. Bastardos Cosmicos
4. Hiromy
5. Estrujamientos
6. Los Ojos
7. La Salamanca
8. Abre
9. Manada Hipnotizada
10. La Catedral
11. Elevacion Primaria


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