Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present you the third studio album by Falena: “Una seconda strana sensazione”, a fantastic, shuddering dark-prog journey in enigmatic labyrinths of delirium and introspection, available from Lizard Records from the 4th of December 2019.

By continuing to follow the same path, which has always distinguished us, and with the same desire to experiment and renew ourselves, by always remaining faithful to the hidden meaning of our name which, in certain cultures, represents moth as a bearer of messages, we love flying like the least graceful of butterflies in dark and dreamlike atmospheres, through a neurotic and uncontrolled flight in continuous transformation, by following the movement of the shadows.

“Una Seconda Strana Sensazione” is a concept album, between our past and our hypothetical future, telling the inner vicissitudes of our protagonist: “Mr. F”.

Mr. F is an anti-hero, an apparently normal man, conscious of his experience, but with a complex personality, which makes the normality his strength. He can feed on both the beauty and the demons surrounding himself, by always finding the strength and the desire to regenerate and to leave every day. You can hear him whispering: “just the normality will save us…”

Ladies and gentlemen, here you are: “Mr. F”.

Track list:
1. Antefatto
2. Un Mite Inverno
3. Il Dubbio
4. Il Peso Della Misura
5. E Scosto I Capelli Dal Cuore
6. Passaggio
7. Una Seconda Strana Sensazione
8. L’Erpice
9. Nella Colonia Penale
10. …Per Un Libero Pensiero
11. Requiem…
12. Il Mercato
13. Sete
14. Conseguenza

Emiliano Sellati: vocals
Alessandro Fusacchia: guitars, backing vocals
Marco Peschi: keyboards, synth, programming and flute
Andrea Trinca: bass and backing vocals
Rossano Acciari: drums


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