Gregg Olson and Scarlet Hollow have returned with what may well be the band’s best work to date.

Nick Katona, Melodic Revolution Records:
“I can still remember vividly receiving the phone about Gregg having a stroke, I was devastated, we had just made plans for Scarlet Hollow’s debut release and the band was rehearsing for their first tour. The prognosis that night was not very positive, it was grim in fact, but we kept close tabs on Gregg’s health, it wasn’t so much that we were worried about album sales. We were worried about a person that had become a friend, I first met Gregg on MySpace in 2006 and Melodic Revolution picked up the self-titled Echoes Landing for release. It’s because of this band that we formed the record label.

The good news is that over the next couple of years Gregg’s was getting better and his recovery seemed like a miracle. Fast track to today Scarlet Hollow has returned stronger, more focused and sounding better than ever. Get ready to take a musical journey with one of the most important bands today.”

“A Window To October” was released on March 1st 2020.

Track list:
1. Adventures In The Kings Garden
2. From Sea To Infinity
3. A Window To October
4. The Forgotten
5. Skipping On Frozen Fire
6. Jupiters Calling
7. LVX
8. Pendragons Cove
9. Crimson Lights And Dark Waters
10. I Am Divided
11. Possibilities
12. Dream Currents

Allison VonBuelow – vocals, acoustic guitars
Jeff Mack – bass, bass pedals
Gregg Olson – electric guitars, synths
Jay Setar – drums, percussion
Stephen George Geyer – guitars


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