Formed back in 2007, Seven Planets comprise guitarists Leonard Hanks and Jim Way, bassist Mike Williams, and drummer Ben Pitt, all of whom have played in bands together in different configurations for over twenty-five years. They started writing this album, their third, in 2014 but a whole series of personal issues (including serious illness) meant it has taken until 2020 for them to finally release the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Seven Planets’. Mike Williams has since left the band, although he played on all the tracks, and his place has now been taken by Chris Berry. Here we have a group who are taking influences from stoner, metal, blues and particularly psychedelia to create an album one can imagine being enjoyed by fans of Blue Cheer as they combine all their influences to create something which is very heavy, yet spacey at the same time.

There are times when the guitars are in perfect harmony, combining together, and others where they are off doing their own thing, crunching, and churning. They also use repetition a great deal, so much so that it creates a groove and an almost trancelike state as they move into realms of almost dark ambient and trance. It is easy to get lost inside the music, as they move through jam band territory, yet it is also rarely exciting, and I found it could almost lull me into a drone state. It is interesting without ever being essential, and I can imagine that in a live environment they would also be somewhat louder and rawer as this feels quite polished which is somewhat at odds with what they are doing.

Rating: 6/10


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