A multi-talented musician, Sarah Elgeti (tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet) has led her own quartet since 2007, composing, arranging and playing her own brand of modern jazz inspired by her Scandinavian upbringing. Here her band of Nils Raae (keyboards, harmonica), Anders Krogh Fjeldsted (bass) and drummer Henrik Holst Hansen has been expanded with the addition of guests Sidsel Storm (vocals), Alexander Kraglund (violin), classical virtuoso Søren Birkelund (clarinet) under whom Sarah studied the clarinet, and Marianne Eriksen (baritone saxophone). This is her third album, and is mostly instrumental, with Storm only providing vocals on three of the eleven songs. She has also used the other guests sparingly, bringing them in for only certain numbers as opposed to having them all play throughout, with Eriksen only playing on one. When it is just the quartet they settle into a groove, with the rhythm section finding the groove, and Raae happy to either provide support on piano or to challenge the leader with some delicate harmonica. The album title is incredibly apt, as this is a very fresh album, warm and inviting, really feeling as if we the listeners are being welcomed into a new day. Elgeti allows the others to shine when the time is right, but she is fine soloist, and while her sax playing is emotive, when she brings in the flute it is wonderfully clear and direct, taking control. This is a very easy album to listen to, fresh and exciting, bright and joyous, music which contains some soft jazz elements but is often more adventurous than the term normally implies.

Rating: 7/10