I feel myself incredibly lucky in the last few years to have come across some amazing female singers, and there is no doubt that one of the finest is Katie Ware, otherwise known as Little Sparrow. Here she is back with a full band of Jonny Lexus (guitar and programming), Sarah Dale (cello), Mitch Oldham (drums), Jonny Booth (pedal steel) and Robin Dewhurst (piano). The reason I mention Kate’ real name as opposed to her stage name is she is the daughter of Mick Ware, who has recently gained some publicity as a song he wrote and performed on some 50 years ago has been sampled on the song “Puppet” by Tyler, The Creator. This is actually another song written by Mick, this time back in 1984, and at night Katie would go to sleep listening to it being played time and again in Mick’s own studio.

I have no idea what it sounded like with Mick singing it, but it sounds as if it were written for his daughter. Her vocals are always spot on, ethereal and breathy yet with power and strength. I watched an ‘at home’ podcast of hers recently and her vocals are as wonderful live as they are in the studio. Here she is in control throughout as the accompaniment ebbs and flows, so at times it is quite quiet and sparing and others when it is full on and quite bombastic. It does not matter what is happening with the music though as Little Sparrow is always there in the centre of everything, always in total control. This single is being released on 16th October, and not only are there two versions by Little Sparrow, but it will also feature the original by her father. It will be interesting to compare, but I only have the main version so will just keep playing that on repeat. Well worth investigation.

Rating: 9/10


Track list:
1. Tears