UK band FABIAN JACK started out back in 2016, and from 2017 and onward they have been releasing singles at a steady pace in addition to trying to establish a firm presence in the live scene. In the spring of 2021 they self released their first EP “Bananas”.

The description alternative hard rock is one I believe fits the premises of this band as of 2021 very well indeed, as their approach to rock music for most probably will be described as alternative and possibly even off kilter. Elements from funk and possibly even ska are central in their compositions, paired off with a booming, hard hitting variety of hard rock with occasional flashes of more radio friendly melodic rock sprinkled across the landscapes. Distinct and often unique lead and support motifs from the guitars and keyboards further adds an alternative dimension to their music, and at least on one occasion here a tiny bit of punk is thrown in through the rhythm section to boot.

The end result is off kilter and at times somewhat chaotic. Just how much the material will intrigue or not will be very much a case of subjective taste in music, but I feel safe in stating that the songs will not be universally appealing. This is music for a niche audience as far as I’m concerned, and the somewhat chaotic arrangements and development present makes me feel like this is a band that will appeal more towards a younger audience than an older one: Younger people will typically have more chaotic minds, and due to that also find music with a chaotic edge to be generally more appealing.

Outside of the subjective taste department I do find the mix and production to be somewhat lacking though. The one detail that bugged me here are the more intense sounds and arrangements that sound like they are breaking up just a little bit at the very top end, which adds a slight level of annoyance for someone who listens closely to music.

While I find the EP “Bananas” to be very much a hit or miss affair, and one with a more finite and limited reach, when they manage to get all the elements right they can provide some rather interesting material too. In the case of this EP my opinion is that the song ‘Animal’ is a head and a shoulder above the rest, and represent the band and their chosen style at it’s very best. Otherwise I note that if alternative, off kilter hard rock sounds like a good thing to you, then Fabian Jack is a band that you might want to get more familiar with.

My rating: 55/100