US virtuoso guitarist, Terry Syrek’s latest album, STORY was released on 21st December. If you like Dream Theater/Liquid Tension Experiment etc. this is the album for you. 1 hour and 17 mins of outstanding music from all concerned.

From the website:  ‘Syrek orchestrates five quasi-god instrumentalists from four different continents to release a tour de force new album on par with the greatest prog rock/metal instrumental guitar efforts in the history of the genre.’

Band: Terry Syrek (guitar), Lalle Larsson (keys), Marco Minnemann (drums), Bryan Beller/Mohini Dey (bass), Florian Cristea (violin), mixing/mastering by Rich Mouser (Dream Theater, Flying Colors, Liquid Tension Experiment, Spock’s Beard). Narrated by Hollywood actor Keith Szarabajka (Dark Knight, The Equalizer, The X-Files)