Legend has it, my love for music began in the womb at a KISS Concert in the Summer of 1977. According to my mother, I didn’t move at all for Cheap Trick. However, when KISS took the stage, I wouldn’t stop moving around! My love for music and radio goes back to my childhood. DJ’s like Jim Ladd, Mark & Brian, Dr. Demento, and Max Volume opened my eyes to the vast musical landscape. I discovered Progressive Music on Jim Ladd’s programs. Dr. Demento showed me it’s ok to have a sense of humor on the air! My friend and former bandmate, Max Volume, would sometimes let me sit in the studio at KOZZ in Reno while he was on the air. I am also a bassist and vocalist, playing in various cover bands in the Reno area as well as a member of the Max Volume Band in 2011. While I have little broadcasting experience, my Terabytes of useless musical knowledge fuels my desire to share both classic music of all genres and new Progressive artists with the masses.