US CD, Album Celtodelic Publishing – CE 105-22

48 mins

Style: Folk Rock, Celtic, Prog Rock

Rating 70/100

 Despite having released a massive total of 18 albums, San Francisco’s Celtic Rock Band ‘Tempest’ remain relatively unknown outside the USA. Also, this is, notwithstanding the fact that they have chalked up a massive 2500 live shows since their formation in 1998. Investigating further and checking out both their Website and Facebook page one could conclude from the various postings that these guys are a hardworking touring band plying their trade around County Fayres, Taverns, Barns and Festivals. In fact, it seems that anywhere, in the US, where there is a throng of people looking to dance, jog and sway is a likely venue for Tempest and for the audience to have a good time.  That is, quite simply, to enjoy ‘Tempests’ own brand of infectious Celtic Rock music. And indeed this is true for investigations of ‘Tempests’ social media pages show crowds of people captured on video in huge conga style streams at the various shows having a thoroughly good time. Speculating upon the commercial aspects of the band, further video observation indicates a special loyalty of their fans for purchasing ‘Tee Shirts’ and CDs galore at their various gigs.

From a music perspective, one can detect a multitude of influences. Central of course there is a distinctly traditional Western European Celtic music direction. However interspersed within the carefully engineered ‘Tempest’ mix one can detect Cajun influences and the complexity of Irish, and Scottish roots intermingled with the main band member’s Norwegian heritage.  But no matter what. I guess, the audience hardly cares, for it is all wonderful fun exacerbated by the vision of a wild bunch of kilt adorned musicians. The makeup of the songs generally follows in the form of a duet comprising lovely male and female vocals within a backdrop of excellent surging bass and drums and overplayed with a sequence of melodic fiddle. Such musical arrangements are often then brought to a magical conclusion with bursts of extremely competent rock guitar taking the music to an apex of progressive perfection.

Summary: A band probably best served live, for they employ superb dynamics and are totally entertaining with a full range of good tunes. Music, away from a gig, though reserved exclusively for parties or travelling in the car maybe, but not for general sitting down and listening too with others. This could be difficult to achieve for very long,

1 Mrs. Preston’s Favorite
2 Jolly Roger
3 Hjemreise ‘Going Home’
4 The Optimist
5 De Två Systrarna ‘The Two Sisters’
6 Shepherd’s Daughter
7 Dark Lover ‘Song to A Vampire’
8 The Devil and The Farmer
9 Dream Morris
10 Pål Sine Høner ‘Paul’s Chickens’