That is not a typo above, as the band’s name actually is Rehaab, taken from what was referred to as the traditional Blues “AAB” format, and they feel they combine Blues Rock, Blues, Stoner Blues, Funk, Rock Ballads, Psychedelic and Classic Rock, so pretty much what I grew up on then. If you were a teenager in the Seventies then blues rock was the basis of much you listened to, and when I hear music like this it always makes me feel at home. A standard four-piece, it is obvious these guys have been around the block and know exactly what they want to achieve, and I am sure it is more than just the motorcycle theme which reminds me so much of Saxon, with Roy doing a very passable take on Biff Byford, although they are more hard rock than metal.

We get that rich clean guitar sound which comes from a Gibson going through Marshalls, and I was not surprised to see that guitarist Mutt was part of Phil Rudd’s touring band at one point as he is adept at bringing in that swagger, while Grant (drums) and Larry (bass) keep it nice and simple to give us that strong platform. This could easily have been recorded live in the studio (apart from guitar overdubs) and is a blast from beginning to end. This is blues based hard rock with balls, and I can’t wait to hear more.

Rating: 8/10