There are times when one falls in love with an album the very first time it is played and that relationship only deepens, which is exactly what we have here with the second album from Swedish singer Su Andersson. It is only the surname which provides a hint that she is not American, as there is no trace of accent whatsoever and is totally at home in this singer/songwriter pop rock album which has more than a hint of Neil Young in its diverse musical style. While Su provides acoustic guitar she is joined mostly by co-producer and multi-instrumentalist Henning Sernhede (electric, acoustic and sitar guitars, bass, keyboards and synths) and drummer/pianist Jonas Abrahamsson. Then on top of that there are a series of guest singers who have been invited to add their own styles, and this combined with a changing musical tapestry ensures the listener never knows what quite what to expect except it will be delightful.

The album starts with “Japanese Tea”, which features twinkling and bright piano, and straight away we are captivated by Su telling us how she is waiting for the visitor to come and enjoy tea with her in the garden, but even in the small number of lyrics we are led into a strange world. Why is there trouble at the border? Why has it been decreed that only five people are allowed in the house? Next up is “Southern Belle” which has a far more bluesy style, the bass being an important counterpoint to the piano with drums and guitars driving it along while there is always plenty of space for Su and Eva-Maria Junker to swap vocals and provide us not only with a very different story but a very different feel. Also included on the album are Canadian folk noir-ist Wendy McNeill, US soulstress Naiika Sings, West Australian singer-songwriter Ryan Edmond and others, and they all add their own flavour to what is a very special album indeed.

Whichever song I am listening to is the favourite, so currently that is “Scissors” with Maja Granberg which has just the right amount of sleaze and pathos for us to be taken again into yet a different world and be invested in what is going on. Americana is at the heart of this album which is a delight from the beginning to end.

Rating: 10/10