Recorded at The Independent in Sunderland in 2021, here we find ex-Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell with his sons Todd Campbell (guitar), Tyla Campbell (bass) and Dane Campbell (drums) alongside the then new singer Joel Peters. By this time they had released a few studio albums and an EP, while there was also Phil’s solo album to pull from, but of course there is also the small matter of his 30+ year career with one of metal’s most famous outfits. Given that Lemmy, Eddie, Philthy and Wurzel are all no longer with us it is no surprise at all to find this set sprinkled liberally with songs everyone knows, even giving us a “Silver Machine” for old times’ sake, but I really wish they hadn’t as they are the ones where the band loses much of their power and depth. There was something special about all Motörhead line-ups, but it was the one which was by far the longest running which was the special one and without Lemmy and Mikkey by his side, Phil and the boys sound like they are somewhat going through the motions. It must be hard to hear people cheer and shout for songs they had not recorded in the studio, even if Phil had been playing them onstage for more than 30 years.

Possibly the longer this band keep going the more they will be able to truly stand on their own two feet as there is no doubt there is something powerful about a band featuring family members as they have been playing together for so long that there is a very special tightness. This is a solid introduction to a band who surely will soon be doing much more than just playing support slots and cover songs. They know how to push and create metal which is fun and still contains that element of rock ‘n’ roll.

Rating: 8/10