Singer Josh Pinho, guitarist Cam Brookes, bassist Steve Shyu, and drummer Grant Kirkpatrick are back with the second song from their forthcoming album (out next month), and I must confess I was pleased this had been chosen as it is one of my favourite songs of theirs and really shows just what these guys can do. This is not complex stuff, blistering pop punk with Grant hitting the snare hard from the back, Steve dropping in and out to provide emphasis to the guitar and throwing in complex runs at others, Cam giving us walls of riffs (plus breaking through with overdubs) and then at the front is Josh. Not only is a great frontman, but shows he has the chops in the studio as well, with a song which has more than a few elements of Weezer about it.

One thing I really like about Stray Dogs is they understand the need for more than just a heads down and meet you at the end approach so the bridge is essential, allowing them to change direction and give everyone a breather in a song which is designed to get everyone moving in a sweaty mess. With the right push this could easily be a hit single not only in Aotearoa but elsewhere as this is pure fun all the way through, and the lyrical twist at the very end is superb. The debut album simply cannot come soon enough, as both this and “Stray Dogs” show they have been able to capture their live spark in the studio, not something which is easy, and with a set of great pop punk numbers behind them it promises to be essential. Until then grab this, turn it up, and give it a blast.

Rating: 9/10