Here we have the debut album from the new project put together by guitarist Domenic Romeo (ex-Pulling Teeth, ex-Virgin Witch, ex-Ilsa, ex-Integrity, ex-Ringworm (live), ex-Day of Mourning, ex-Dirge, ex-Hatewaves, ex-Kill Life, ex-Slumlords, ex-XCoalition Against ShaneX). He has been joined by singer Mike Score of New York metalcore kings All Out War, drummer Adam Jarvis of grind titans Pig Destroyer and Misery Index, former Bloodlet bassist Arthur Legere and Exhumed/Noisem shredder Sebastian Phillips, so one knows from the off just what this album is likely to be like and anyone wanting something loud and uncompromising is unlikely to be disappointed.

Their music has been described as Crossover/Thrash Metal/Metalcore, and while brutal at all times I must say it is not as fast and over the top as I expected it to be. I grabbed it due to the Pig Destroyer connection, as Jarvis has been there for more than a decade, so I expected much more of a grindcore mix yet this is way slower than that and at places is straight metalcore without even the thrash influences, and others feel as if they are seriously contemplating moving into doom. Four of the songs also feature cameos from some guest vocalists with Romeo’s long-time collaborator and Integrity bandmate Dwid Hellion, Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker and, rather strangely, Ed Ka-Spel from avant-rock outfit The Legendary Pink Dots all taking part. I am not a huge fan of Score’s vocals, and feel he actually detracts from the overall sound as he sounds like he is maxing his throat for much of the time while never achieving the raw guttural sounds which would have made a difference, nor the controlled thrash styles which could also have added so much. If you want to lose your dandruff then there are plenty of sections here to do just that, but there is the impression that for the most part this is an opportunity missed.

Rating: 6/10