Brazilian death metal outfit Rebaelliun released two albums before breaking up in 2002, then reforming in 2015 and soon afterwards releasing their third with exactly the same line-up that played on the second, 14 years earlier. Since then, Ronald Lima left and fellow guitarist Fabiano Penna has died, so this album was recorded as a trio by founding drummer Sandro Moreira, bassist/singer Lohy Fabiano (who was on albums from the second on), and new guitarist Evandro Passos. Sadly, since this was recorded Lohy has also died and has been replaced by Bruno Añaña from Postmortem Inc. The band have had a lengthy career, with a substantial break in the middle, and I am somewhat surprised I have not previously come across them as this is a slid slab of the genre.

They have taken hints from the likes of Morbid Angel and Krisiun, and there is a palpable feeling of anger and aggression throughout. Apparently, they were so messed up due to the pandemic that when they started recording, they didn’t even have lyrics and went into the studio without even rehearsing, and this brutality and ferocity certainly comes through in the music. The one thing which lets this down somewhat is the production which sometimes muffles the approach as opposed to emphasising and accentuating, and I would have preferred the bass to be somewhat more dominant. That being said, there is no doubt the band meant business and let us hope there is now a period of stability, and they return with their next offering in a somewhat speedier fashion. Brazilian death metal is alive and well in the hands of bands like these.

Rating: 7/10