2023 USA  56mins


Rating 90/100

Mourning Knight were formed back in the 1990s in Westchester County, NY, It is a band that benefits from being fronted by two extremely talented musicians in the shape of Norm Dodge: electric & bass guitars and Jason Brower: drums, vocals, piano, organs, mellotron & synths. It is clear that these two guys have a magical understanding of putting together wonderfully dramatic and stunningly melodic, symphonic arrangements.

‘A World of Dreams’ is a totally magical album that is full of wonderful melodies and superb hook lines that constantly expand and develop throughout the five lengthy tracks. Although incorporated within the compositional makeup, there is a distinct nod toward past-era progressive rock influences. These are integrated, both in terms of music from the classic seventies and also to the more synthesiser-orientated neo-progressive period that followed in the 1980s.  However, ‘Mourning Knight’ true innovators in their own right applying their own unique pleasant-sounding brand of highly contagious melodious output throughout the compositional makeup of ‘World of Dreams’. Certainly too after a couple of spins one realises the extent of variation on offer here, an unabridged plethora of various arrangements that meld together magical combinations of guitar and keyboard interplay with extremely absorbing vocal contributions. On the point of vocal contributions, it quickly becomes evident that the phrasing, tone and slightly quirky delivery fits the music like a preverbal glove. Clearly not the best-trained voice around, but Jason’s laid-back vocal style is totally absorbing adding a certain panache to the proceedings. Absolutely essential too, to mention the interesting female and other backing vocals that expand and enhance the overall sound.

Another notable point that comes to the fore is the sheer variety of musical arrangements that bless this beautiful album inasmuch that every track is unique with multitudes of mini symphonies of keyboard and guitar enterprise backed with a truly sympathetic percussive background that projects forward the progressive elements of the main instrumentation.

Summary: A brilliant, brilliant album and one of the best from 2023. Essential listening without doubt. The excitement generated is from the beautiful musical arrangements and vocal enterprise. Fortunately a musically inclined collection of songs that relies on slick arrangements and musical prowess without the need for power chords, heavy riffing or death-saturated vocal mumblings.


1. A Fractured Fairytale 16:57
2. The Great Escape 08:43
3. Return to Earth 10:30
4. Duel in the Sun 06:42
5. The Harlequin’s Carnival 14:07

Recorded at Green Witch Sound, Bedford, NY & Opus 12 Studios, Ossining, NY released July 7, 2023

Norm Dodge: electric & bass guitars
Nancy Scorcia: acoustic guitar & backing vocals
Jason Brower: drums, vocals, piano, organs, mellotron & synths
Roo Brower: backing vocals