UK Rock with Progressive Rock Intent

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Rating 85/100

Historically known for being a town famous for the production and manufacture of church bells, the market town of Wokingham is now ringing out with the powerful, yet melodic sound of the newly formed band titled ‘Ruby Dawn’. Fronted by composer/keyboardist Carola Baer who previously operated more as a solo artist but who now has surrounded herself with a dazzling selection of top-notch musicians. Such fellow musicians not only extending her sound but in the process allowing Carola the freedom to concentrate more on projecting her engaging powerful vocal style.

Indeed, whilst the centre point of the band is focused on Carola and her vocals, the guitar breaks from David Salsbury are incredibly imaginative powerful and intense and, without doubt, elevate the overall musical delivery from what would otherwise be just rock to that containing more substance and tending towards a more progressive path. Such arguments can be proffered towards the imaginative and powerful drumming and the classy and imaginative bass. One cannot express more strongly that this four-piece unit together form a powerful tight and exciting band and one can imagine fantastic in a live situation. Check out their website for impending gigs.

Carola’s voice is very special, with a certain inbuilt natural flamboyance that is powerfully rock-orientated with a coating of sweet gruffness (if this makes sense) which she projects with great intonation and panache. But that is not all, her being the cornerstone of the band is further exacerbated by her fine lyrical skills and in the bargain producing an extremely well-balanced twelve-track album. Seemingly, her keyboard contributions act more of a structural platform, subtly adding mood, colour and ambience whilst the lead guitar holds sway over the instrumental proceedings.

  1. Save The Day.
  2. Star on You.
  3. Break Down
  4. Mirror of your Life
  5. Dances on Mars
  6. Stone Wall
  7. Man where’s Your Heart?
  8. Save Me
  9. Heavens Angels
  10. Into The Sun
  11. Other Side
  12. Dust and Fire.

Carola Baer – Keyboards & Vocals, Adam Perry (Drums), Ian Turner – Bass & Additional Keys, David Salsbury – Guitars. Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Ian Turner – Mastered by Al Heslop, Artwork by Steve Anderson