Italy Bloody Sound Label CD and Bandcamp Digital


Rating 85/00

The brains behind this gorgeously melodic and profoundly psychedelic-drenched project is singer and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Medina from the city and commune in central Italy known as ‘Macerata’. An album which was apparently developed, played, produced and recorded in his garage home studio. For the sake of interest ‘The Cosmic Gospel’ is a name inspired by the American adult animated television series ‘The Midnight Gospel’

Here, in its entirety, is an album that provides the listener with a magical journey and indeed a wonderful piece of escapism. It is without doubt a retrospective trip down memory lane. A trip that ostensibly ventures back to the intoxicating days of early psychedelia. More particularly, for those who remember the mind-altering music of the late 60s and early 70s, all those wonderful tracks captured on the old ‘Nuggets’ and ‘Pebbles’ compilations. A source of musical inspiration that Gabriel no doubt must have sampled in building up his fuzz-inspired repertoire.

The compositional make-up of every single track on this album is truly fascinating. A preverbal jig saw of sound sequences and instrumentally distorted maneuvers executed with melodic charm and stylish elegance. There is literally so much going on at any one time but everything merges together in total perfection. Fuzz riddled guitar, treated keyboards, and all sorts of other bells and whistles intermingling with gently strummed guitar and a range of nicely arranged keyboards. It goes without saying that there are moments of utter chaos but these sequences, as such, are sufficiently organised to allow the central theme and flow music to quickly return to a semblance of an ordered structure.  To quote Gabriel “The eight tracks represent a series of emotional rollercoasters where stories, bordering on the surreal, cannibalism, love, and esotericism unfold with the capacity for intertwining jocularity, humour and wit.”

Particularly nice are the softly projected vocals which are delivered really well fitting both the mood and rhythmic structure of the music.

Summary; A really nice album full of fun and melodic psychedelia. It is a shame that the single could not have been added to the tracklist to increase the 31 mins to a more generous running time.

Gabriel Medina Plays  | Voix, guitars, bass, batterie/percussions, mellotron , synthesizer


  • It’s Forever Midnight
  • The Richest Guy
  • Core Memory Unlocked
  • Hot Car Song
  • Psychrolutes
  • The Demon Whispers
  • Wrath And Ghosts Tracks
  • I Saw Your Eyes