Shaun Jones (vocals, guitar), Kieran Williams (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jonatan Jaworski (Bass) and Sunil Jolly (drums) are back with their third single of the year and a very nice romp it is too. They have managed to combine thumping drums, over the top bombastic guitars and vocals which is a wall of sound of punchy grunge full of passion and power. It was produced and mixed by Toby Lloyd from Tiny Triumph Recordings (Sea Mouse, Macho Macho) and mastered in Germany by Robin Schmidt (The Hives, Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys), and this investment has paid off with a song which has a hugely dramatic chorus with soaring guitars. There is a nice flow with guitars coming and going, and a massive sound which is destined both for the airwaves and filling concert halls. This Silent Divide continue to go from strength to strength.

Rating: 8/10