Here we have the second single from Lazy Fifty’s forthcoming ‘Neighbour of the Beast’. Adrian Athy provides all vocals and music apart from drums which were provided by producer Greg Haver. Musically this is a Seventies style rocker with grumbling riffs and nice distorted bass-heavy sounds, as we discover that on his day off the Devil plays bass while Jesus plays seven-string lead. The Devil only speaks Latin, but Jesus kindly translates, telling Adrian the Devil is talking about the band. This is fun, nothing more and nothing less and sometimes it is nice to just have a rock song which just grooves along to get everyone moving. The keyboards provide a delicate background, allowing the bass and guitars to get on with the serious business of hitting the bottom end.

Adrian and manager Kerry are soon heading to the UK in the hopes of being able to make a living out of music over there. It is almost impossible here in Aotearoa given the size of our population, so they are heading over with the rest of the band to follow when things are more established. I certainly hope things go well as their debut album is well worth checking out (plus any independent who releases their music on vinyl needs to be congratulated) and having seen them play in concert I can confirm they deliver the goods. Check this out on Bandcamp, as although I am not too sure of the ending, the rest certainly is a blast.

Rating: 7/10