I must confess that I am sent a lot of music which can take time to get inside, whether it be avant-garde, technical death metal, jazz or prog, so sometimes the ears relax into a smile when they realise what is being played can be enjoyed the first time through without any work. This is Matt’s first album since 2020’s ‘Being Human’, but apparently he has released quite a number more under his own name over the years as well as playing on numerous others, plus running his own commercial studio and being a well-known instructor. The ten songs were recorded with two distinct groups of musicians, six songs with one group in New York and the other four at his studio in Texas.

This is an album out of time, as if I had been played this without any other references, I would have said it was American and probably from 1977, maybe 1978, so to realise it is all brand new is something of a surprise. The reason I say that is because this is a pop rock release with a multitude of influences that have all been melted together in a seamless manner. Want an organ, steel drums, disco style guitar, funky brass and songs that have a real groove throughout then look no further. There are some definite Steely Dan influences here, and if this had been released when that band were in their heyday, I am sure this would have been picked up by the mass media. It is an album where I have found myself drifting in and letting the world go by, gently tapping my fingers or feet and always smiling. Just when one thinks they know what is going on we get a move into blues or something else, and the end result is that it just keeps delivering. This is very much an album out of time and all the better for it.

Rating: 8/10