Although Finnish quartet Sigir were only formed in 2019, three of the four had previously been in Ritual of Terror together so already knew how they played so consequently this feels like a far more polished outfit than one might expect. Paavo Luttinen (bass), Eetu Pennanen (drums), Viljami Toikkanen (vocals, guitars) have been joined on this adventure by Valtteri Pitkänen (guitars). Interestingly the orchestrations on this release are by none other than Petri Alanko who did the same on ‘Imaginaerium – The Score’ which was by some outfit called Nightwish. Although the press release says they are based in black metal with their own unique sound, I don’t quite agree as there is no doubt they have been heavily influenced by Dimmu Borgir from 20 years ago. Although they are also bringing elements of both traditional heavy metal and symphonic to create something which is indeed a little different to the album.

This certainly does not sound at all like a debut album, as there is a confidence and class throughout which takes the listener on a journey of discovery. It is incredibly powerful, with the orchestrations lifting the sound and providing not only a lightness to the dark but an additional sense of power with the choirs adding a gothic element. They are straddling different genres in a way which may not be totally unique but is certainly exciting and invigorating. I have no idea how they will be able to recapture this sound live without the use of keyboard players, backing tracks, or a huge orchestra and choir, but if they manage to do so then I can see them rapidly rising to the top of the heap. If ever there was a bill featuring both Dimmu Borgir and Nightwish (I guess Wacken is the obvious one) then these should play in-between to allow the crowd to move from one genre to the other. Majestic and powerful, yet still able to provide the raw edge when the need arises, this is a superb release.

Rating: 9/10