This is the debut album by French act Foncedalle, who comprise Marius Mermet (guitar, vocals), JD Mimouni (drum machine, synth) and Clément Maltassat (bass, vocals, synth), they describe the album as a rock band making electronic music as opposed to the other way around, and apparently are, “the missing link (if there was one) between the 80s Mancunian scene, the electronic rock of Soulwax & the motoric waves of Maserati”. The result is certainly not music which is designed to be listened to quietly at home, with repetitive beats and motifs combined with swirling overlays to produce something which should be played at very high volume indeed when there is a sweaty horde ready to move.

Although this feels very produced, it also feels fresh and energetic, music which has actually been designed to be played at gigs and was recorded after the band had been playing live so there is something vital about this. There are times when it gets slowed right down, with trance making an appearance, but at others this is heavily influenced by the Eighties scene, but with guitars being an integral part of the overall sound as opposed to an afterthought. This is not a genre or style which I often listen to, so it is difficult for me to gauge just how good/bad this is, but this is available on Bandcamp so why not give it a try for yourself?

Rating: 6/10