Auckland-based Living State continue to release catchy singles and having seen them play a few times I know they power through the live environment as well. Musically they focus the arrangements around singer Marissa who is building her confidence so that while we are more used to hearing her belting along with hard rock beneath her, here she revels in sections which are more delicate and with loads of space within. This song was recorded with producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Opshop) and he has allowed them to further develop the presence which has come through with their previous singles, including the mighty “One Sided” which I loved when I first came across it three years ago and still play today.

“Stalker” moves, swells, reduces and keeps changing the approach, plenty of emotion and style with double-tracked vocals, a rhythm section which keep it tight and a guitarist who knows when to put the hammer down or when to keep it light and picked. There have been a series of singles from these guys now, let us hope we will soon get the album. For fans of traditional melodic hard rock everywhere, with plenty of emotion and groove.

Rating: 8/10