The first prog band that blew me away was Focus. I was a toddler and never heard of the word prog. I still was a little girl when Pink Floyd’s Money drew my attention. When I was about 12 years old I bought a pile of second hand prog cassette tapes. And realized this really was something else than pop/rock music.

Late 2014 I started as a reviewer for a few Dutch online magazines. I still write for those mags. It’s volunteering but the best job I ever had. I also own a blog: Esther’s Rock Blog. Made by Martin, my husband.

I love layer over layer in prog. I love complex music. From time to time music sounds so easy with first listening, than I hear the layers. Every now and then music gets under my skin. For some albums over and over again. Sometimes I love to crank up the volume. Some other times I prefer to use my headset, and enjoy every single detail. Of course I also love vinyl.