Cairo –  Say

Cairo – Say

UK CD Label Heavy Foot 61.38 mins Web: Rating 80/100 Taking a look here back to 2016 “Cairo” is a project under the auspices of Rob Cottingham, a keyboard maestro and former member of UK Progressive Band “Touchstone”....
Rhizone : Timelines (2021)

Rhizone : Timelines (2021)

Riot Heart Industries e: 8th October 2021 e: Progressive Rock, Art Rock Austria 69 mins Web and Social Media Links: N3lnK8Luek_6Sg

Rain: No Promises (2021)

I first came across Rain in August last year with the release of the debut single Forget About You, since when there has been a string of singles, all of which have been thoroughly enjoyable. Rain came to fruition when Cathy Elizabeth, lead singer of Wellington-based...

Reb Fountain: Iris (2021)

To those living outside Aotearoa, the name Reb Fountain is probably totally new, while even those who live here may yet to have come across her, although she has been active since the 90’s. She has been singer/songwriter in various bands, getting up to gig with others...