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    System Exit –Avalon EP (2023)   New Zealand 12 mins Rating 90/100 Under the formidable shadow of Mount Taranaki, on the West coast of New Zealand’s North Island, is to be […]

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    Hammock : Love In The Void (2022) USA Hammock Music 73mins Atmospheric and Ambient New Age Music Rating 85/100 Music takes many forms, of course, the impact of which depends on […]

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    Alchem –Viaggio Al Centro Della Tebba (Journey To The Center of the Earth) 2018 2018 Black Widow Records CD 60.49 mins Alternative/Prog […]

  • Trommelfell-Records (LC 02040) Germany. 45mins

    Post Rock ‘Oldfield; styled progressive rock luxuriousness.

    My Rating 90/100

    Am I being fussy or what? I say that because, when I was reviewing the second ‘ […]

  • Sweden Private Press 55mins

    Artwork By  Saida Krause Soderstrom

    My Rating 90/100

    I was delighted to receive a message from my friend Björn Sandström, asking me to check out his recently completed ‘s […]

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    Bad Elephant Music

    Rating: A Solid 90/100

    Verbal Delirium is an Athens-based Progressive Rock band whose focal point and the main contributor is John Kosmidis AKA Jargon. The formation of the band […]

  • Lodestone’s Sole Album, ‘Time Flies’ from 1971, has been Released on CD and Digitally for the First Time.For Immediate ReleaseLodestone’s Sole Album, Time Flies from 1971, has been Released on CD and Digitally for […]

  • Progressive Rock / Psychedelia From Italy

    ‘Wormholedeath’  *2022 Reissue of 2021 album

    45 mins

    Rating 85/100
    Hailing from the city of Padua in Northern Italy, West […]

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    Baja Mexico.

    Private Release 42mins

    Rating 90/100

    Not since the ‘Hampton Grease Band’s epic album ‘Music to Eat’ has any other recorded material come close to bursting forth and squeezing the brains […]

  • PRIVATE Press Portugal  36:25 mins

    Progressive Art Rock

    Rating 85/100


    Conceptual […]

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    Norway, Karisma Records  43.39 mins

    Jazz inspired Progressive Rock

    Rating 90/100

    It is so refreshing to come across a band new to the scene, combining multitudes of musical techniques not only […]

  • Genre: Psychadelic Blues
    Produced by Label/Studio: Apollon Records
    Format: CD / Album, 42min

    Rating 80/100

    One of the joys, resulting from the mission of reviewing music is getting to know more about the […]

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    CD Private Self Release on Malicious / Distribution Echozone

    Stockholm, Sweden.

    Goth Rock/Dark Rock


    Rating 85/100

    ‘Les Fleurs Du Mal’ are a Swedish duo comprising brothers Axel & August Gri […]

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    Private Press Double Abum

    Rock Pop Electronica

    Rating 80/100

    ‘Valesa’ Chapter One is the fifth studio album from Major Parkinson and is a far and out excursion away from their previous enterprises. Of […]

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    Record Label: Private Press
    Country of Origin: U.K.
    Date of Release: 15th July 2022 62 mins

    Fearful Symmetry – Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | YouTube

    Rating 90/100

    The quality of the music on t […]

  • The United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Bandcamp 61 mins   Bandcamp


    Progressive Post Metal/Rock with Dark Melodic Intentions

    Rating 90/100

    The origins of the band started in 2011 w […]

  • In celebration of Annie Haslam’s 75th birthday, Renaissance will be presenting a series of concerts with the Renaissance Chamber Orchestra, the ten-piece group of classical performers that have been adding an e […]

  • Composed by Eric Bouillette & Clive Nolan
    Format: Earbook 2CDs (limited hand-numbered) Recorded by Eric Bouillette & Clive Nolan
    Style: Prog Rock/Renaissance Rock Lyrics: Clive Nolan
    Country: UK Mix & […]

  • Full Title Sudler’s Row! -“The Chronicles of Rexx Baxter of the 33rd Galactic Fleet, “Chapt 1.”

    EP 16min Private Press


    Website: sud […]

  • Turkey Vulture Records EP six track 25 mins.

    Rating 80/100

    Whether the band ‘Silent Theory’ have had a recent and distinct change of musical direction or whether past biographers have been listening to a com […]

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