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Soulfly: Ritual (2018)

Max and the gang are back with their eleventh album, the third to feature his eldest son Zyon on drums (the line-up is completed by Marc Rizzo on lead guitar, flamenco guitar and bassist Mike Leon, plus loads of guests). The last Sepultura album was their best for...

Alan Hull: Back to Basics (1994)

James Alan Hull must surely be one of the most important singer-songwriters ever to come out of England, and forever will be associated with the mighty Lindisfarne. In the Eighties their Christmas tours were essential, with the mighty Hammy O transformed into a...

Alan Hull: Statues And Liberties (1996)

One of my favourite Harry Chapin albums is ‘The Last Protest Singer’, an album often overlooked within his canon as it was released some seven years after his death. It was the album he had been working on when he died in a car crash, and it was completed...

Them: Manor of the Se7en Gables (2018)

The album starts with an introduction which would not sound of place on a Clive Nolan project, as right from the off we realise this is going to be a concept album, with loads of atmosphere and menace. True, there are times throughout when the additional voices are...

Rome: Le Ceneri Di Heliodor (2019)

Luxembourg based project ROME is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Jérôme Reuter, and has been active for well over a decade at this point. "Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro" is the thirteenth album to be issued under the Rome moniker, and was released through...

JP Ahonen: Belzebubs – The Book (2019)

It has been a while since I have reviewed a book and must confess that in more than 30 years of writing this is the first time I have ever been asked to review a comic book: but I am so glad this has been sent to me. Finnish artist JP Ahonen has taken a loving nuclear...

Rain: Spacepirates (2016)

Imagine if you will Wolfsbane and Accept coming together to produce NWOBHM flavoured power metal with a very heavy bottom end, and then you may get close to what this Italian band released in 2016. Actually, this is still the most recent new release by the band who...

Rain: Dad Is Dead [10th anniversary edition] (2018)

Originally released in 2008, October last year saw Aural Music celebrating the 10th anniversary of the album by reissuing with new artwork by Umberto Stagni, new remastered tracks plus a second bonus CD containing the previously unreleased ‘Live in Russi 2010’. This...

Rise of the Northstar : The Legacy of Shi (2018)

ROTN are back with their second album, and describe their music as crossover, although in some ways it is almost polarising in its extremes. Take classic Slipknot, Machine Head and Pantera and let the groove melt your brain with downtuned riffs and then they throw in...

Sectlinefor: Don’t Make This About You (2018)

Go on, buy this, I dare you. Over the years I have written many thousands of reviews, and there are some poor deranged souls out there who believe what I write and use them as a basis to discover new music (after all, I always say what I think about an album, so...


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  • Darkwater – Human
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  • Breidablik – “Nhoohr”
    by madvinyl on February 25, 2019 at 2:43 am

    Breidablik is the project of Norwegian musican Morten Birkeland Nielsen. While his music chiefly utilizes analog synthesizers, there are other instruments that appear in the mix, along with natural sounds, such as bird calls and rain. Nhoohr is an instrumental … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Rhapsody of Fire – “The Eighth Mountain”
    by Chris on February 22, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    It’s been a while since I listened to Rhapsody of Fire, to be perfectly honest. When I first heard them in the mid-2000s in high school, they were the music I put on while delving into the Dragonlance books. I … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • Dewa Budjana – Mahandini
    by Zachary Nathanson on February 21, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    Dewa Budjana is, for me, one of the most incredible guitar players to emerge from MoonJune Records, and whenever he releases an album I know that my ears will perk up with the new ideas he’s come up with. Working with musicians such as Peter Erskine, Jimmy Johnson, Danny Markovich, Gary Husband, Tony Levin, Jack [&am […]

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    In June 2017 a disastrous fire broke out at Grenfell Tower in London, and 72 lives were lost. Karmamoi were writing their fourth album and, like many of us, were affected by this tragedy, particularly the story of two Syrians, Mohammed and Omar, who lived in the tower. They decided to use that tragic event [&am […]

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    Katatonia are back! At least for a limited time doing a short EU tour to honor the 10th Anniversary of their classic album “Night is the New Day.” Here is the press release: “The umbral machinery known as Katatonia is … Continue reading &rarr […]

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